Welcome to the National Federation of the Blind of Alabama

The National Federation of the Blind of Alabama is a nonprofit made up of blind people of all ages, their families and friends. Our members and leaders provide advocacy and support to blind and visually impaired Coloradans across the state. We work together to promote full participation and integration of blind people in all areas of life, and we serve as an advocate for change when equal access and treatment of the blind is denied.

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Learning At Home

When virtual education is necessary, we want blind students to be able to continue learning alongside their sighted peers. Gather the whole family, and check out our weekly activities, interactive Zoom lessons, how to videos and more.

Access Distance Education Resources


A man listens to NFB-NEWSLINE at a bus stop.

NFB-NEWSLINE is a free audio news service for anyone who is blind, low-vision, or print-disabled that offers access to publications, job listings, and more.

Free White Cane Program

Three blind kids find their way through a maze with their long white canes.

The white cane gives blind people the ability to achieve a full and independent life. We have distributed more than 64,000 white canes since 2008.

Ways to Give

A smiling blind girl plays UNO with Braille UNO cards.

Your donations help us distribute free white canes, provide children with Braille and nonvisual skills instruction, advocate for the rights of blind Americans, and more.

Early Childhood Initiatives

A blind mom smiles while holding her son.

Our early childhood initiatives provide young blind children and their families with support and guidance to master the fundamental skills of literacy and independent travel.